Cosplay Princess Leia

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Today we have a treat for everyone. This time we have two cosplay deviants galleries all ready to be seen by you guys. And we’re very sure that you’ll recognize both of these beauties on the spot. If not then don’t worry you’ll get to lean just who they are. For the first gallery, we have a sexy woman posing as princess Leia from Star Wars. This rebel beauty aims to show everyone that there’s a different type of milkenema force that she can manipulate. Namely the force to turn guys on with her sexy body at will.

The second part of the site has another very known face starring in the cosplaydeviants pictures. If you haven’t guessed it let us shed some light and tell you who that red headed beauty is. That is Aeris from Final Fantasy 7 and she seems to be occupying herself with her usual gardening routine. But she has one dirty passion. And that is to do her gardening nude. So watch her tending to her flowers while she’s completely naked giving you one amazing view of her naked and luscious body today. Enjoy guys and see you soon with more cosplaydeviants scenes!

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